Nestor Martin židinio ugniakuras ITH43

Model   IT/ITH 

The IT insert fireplace offers your home tremendous heat without loosing any room space. Its classic lines give it enduring style, making it a distinguished centerpiece for hearth and home.

The height of the ITH model brings even more radiant warmth to your home. Both the IT and ITH inserts are available with either a painted graphite or nickel-plated frame.

In addition to the comforting radiant heat they generate, Nestor Martin inserts can distribute their warmth throughout the home. The IT and ITH models are equipped with integrated fans, as well as with two hot air outlets which allow you to channel the warmth of the stove into other rooms of the house.

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Woodbox® Technologija
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The new Nestor Martin stoves and inserts offer the combined pleasure of simple operation plus exceptional energy efficiency. Reach out, press the button, and the flames will obey your commands! A calm fire, a roaring blaze or dancing flames, you decide: it happens instantly.

Nestor Martin’s patented Woodbox system preheats the combustion air to over 200°C and delivers it slowly and evenly over the fire, to obtain spectacular flame effects, from roaring fire to multicolored post-combustion flames that dance above the logs.

Nestor Martin’s wood stove and insert units also offer the unique advantage of programmable remote control so the tempo of the fire will intensify or slow down at the touch of button, or at a pre-set time. A thermostat built into the remote control lets you select your desired temperature as well.

Nestor Martin wood stoves and inserts can burn at low setting for up to 10 hours without adding fuel. The remote control is equipped with a programmer that enables you to reduce or reactivate the heat output automatically at a pre-set time, such as when you get up in the morning.

The Woodbox technology enables you to set a comfortable ambient temperature with the greatest of ease. It also offers you exceptional technological and practical benefits:

• Integrated system combining combustion and post combustion
• High efficiency and low emissions, meeting the EN and DIN standards
• Precise control of the stove’s burning rate
• Clean glass
• Start-up air to facilitate lighting
• Airtight heating body made of cast iron and steel
• Manual or remote control

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